Iffat Omar recently surfaced on Nauman Ijaz’s show G Sarkar, where the Dour diva reiterated the point that Turkish history is not Pakistani legacy and encouraged the government to invest in supporting Pakistani intellectuals, who are the true heroes of the country.

“They [Turks] came in and invaded us.” Realize this. We don’t need fictitious people; we need stories of our people. “There isn’t a single world-renowned mathematician or scientist in Pakistan,” Omar said.

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Omar clarified that Salahuddin Ayyubi is not a Pakistani hero, as she spoke about the impending Pak-Turk alliance on a Salahuddin Ayyubi series starring Adnan Siddiqui and other Turkish actors.

She claimed, “He [Salahuddin Ayyubi] is not our hero. This has been instilled in Pakistanis from the country’s inception. We consider ourselves to be superiors. Our past is rooted in the subcontinent, and we must embrace it. Ours isn’t a Turkish history.”

Faizan Sheikh, a comedian, and actor, used his Instagram stories to criticize the veteran actress.

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Screenshot of Instagram story of Faizan Sheikh