Mahira Khan has actually acknowledged the reports that she is already married to billionaire Salim Karim.

Mahira, who is presently making her television debut, recently had a Q&A session with fans and responded to some fascinating questions. Khan, a single parent, said that she’s not really secretly married to anybody.

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Khan announced last year that she is in love. It was then discovered that Mahira’s lover is a businessman named Salim Karim. Mahira further stated that if and when she marries, everyone would know.

In response to all of the preconceptions that people have about her, Mahira said that she has never had a nose operation and that she is not covertly collaborating on any project with Tom Cruise.

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Mahira, who made her Bollywood breakthrough opposite Shah Rukh Khan, joked that she is not ‘raees’ (wealthy) when a fan asked whether she is, but the actress insisted that she had filmed ‘Raees,’ her Bollywood flick.

Khan is preparing to come back to tv after a five-year break with the series ‘Hum Kahan Kai Sachey Thay.’

Mahira will co-star with Kubra Khan and Usman Mukhtar. The series focuses on Umera Ahmed’s novel of the same name, and Ahmed wrote the script herself.