On the set of their forthcoming TV show, helmed by Pyar Ke Sadqay’s Farooq Rind, Mahira Khan and Kubra Khan are giving us BFF goals. Mahira can be heard stating in one of the videos published on their Instagram stories, “I have learned something new.”

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Senior actress Zainab Qayyum uploaded a photo of the trio on Instagram, which Kubra reposted on her Instagram stories. Usman Mukhtar, the drama’s main character, re-shared the shot on his Instagram account by editing himself into it.

He captioned the shot, “Experts will tell you this is photo-shopped.” They might be correct or incorrect. #notphotoshopped”

“P.s. Thank you for shooting this photo without me, @mahirahkhan @thekubism @zainaconda,” he wrote.

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Kubra re-posted his tale on Instagram, writing, “Ye peechay kon hai?” Mahira dekho peeche! Peeche.”

Mahira Khan, Kubra, and Usman will feature in Hum TV’s upcoming drama serial Hum Kahan Kay Sachay Thay, which is based on Umera Ahmed’s classic novel Hum Kahan Kay Sachay Thay.