Saba Qamar is a talented dynamo who has wowed audiences with her captivating performances in the entertainment business despite her stellar resume.

Her talent as an actress has earned her acclaim in both Pakistan and India. Furthermore, the Cheekh actress has proven that she can bring any role to life.

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This time, Indian television actress Falaq Naaz praises Qamar. While it may seem difficult to appreciate a neighbouring country’s artist considering the political tensions, Naaz went to Instagram and declared that the Hindi Medium actor is her lady crush.

Naaz was responding to her ask me anything session, in which she revealed her ultimate lady crush.

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Earlier, veteran Simi Raheel expressed her delight at receiving accolades from Bollywood icon Lever, a performer she greatly respected.

Saba Qamar will be making a comeback to television with the forthcoming film Tumhare Husn Ke Naam.