On the allegation of Shahid Mehmood, police in Punjab’s capital arrested Meera’s mother in a case of cheque dishonouring.

According to reports in the local media, Shafqat Zahra has been charged with dishonouring a Rs 10 million cheque.

According to the FIR, the complainant Shahid Mehmood gave Shafqat Zahra approximately Rs 10 million on familial terms.

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Mrs Zehra later presented Shahid Mehmood with a cheque to repay the debt, which was later dishonoured by a private bank in Lahore.

The mother of the Baaji star then agreed to repay the money within 15 days, according to the FIR. The complainant deposited the check in his private bank account, which was dishonoured for the second time owing to inadequate funds.

Meera’s mother threatened Mehmood with severe repercussions after he demanded money, according to the report.

Prior to this, Lahore Police detained five people on June 12 on suspicion of trespassing on Lollywood actress Meera’s family property.

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In Ghalib Market, a lawsuit was filed in which the complainant, Hassan Abbas, stated that they went to examine their property in Gulberg.

Mian Shahid, a suspect, has faked paperwork and taken possession of it. When they were visiting their property, five suspects with weapons named Nauman Khursheed, Mirza Asad Baig, Waqas Shahbaz, Sardar Ahmad, and Amirzada barged in and attempted to occupy it unlawfully. The complainant went on to say that their belongings had gone stolen from their home.