At the Mobile World conference on Monday, Samsung Electronics Co Ltd presented its new wristwatch interface for the operating system it co-developed with Alphabet Inc’s Google.

Samsung said in a statement that the One UI Watch interface will be included with the new Galaxy Watch to provide a more seamless experience between the smartwatch and Android smartphones.

The watch’s activities will be mirrored on connected mobile devices. If a user downloads watch-compatible applications to their smartphone, they will also be downloaded to the wristwatch.

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Samsung will also release an enhanced watch face design tool, which will make it easier than ever for designers to develop new watch faces.

Android developers will be able to unleash their creativity later this year and produce exciting, new designs that will be added to Samsung’s ever-growing library of watch faces, giving customers even more ways to customise their smartwatches to fit their mood, activity, and personality.

Samsung will release a new design tool later this year to make it easier for designers to develop new watch faces, according to the company.