One of the safest internet browsers in the market, Mozilla Firefox introduces the latest security capability to its toolkit. The action may likely ignite the browser warfare between the two tech behemoths once more.

After introducing its brand-new Total Cookie Protection function, Mozilla Firefox now asserts that it is the most secure browser for Mac and Windows. Instead of trailing the user throughout the internet and monitoring them, this program will restrict browser cookies just to the domain they were set from. Every Firefox user will now have access to it by default. Total Cookie Protection was initially available in 2021, but users had to explicitly enable it.

Only browsing the internet in private mode would activate the Cookie Protection previously. The program will create a distinct “cookie jar” for each website. All of that website’s cookies will accumulate in that jar. This is the procedure. Website trackers can no longer connect your online browsing activity across several sites; they can only do so for a single site.

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Mozilla asserts in an article:

“You are free of intrusive advertisements and the quantity of information that corporations collect about you thanks to the fact that no other websites can access the cookie jars that don’t relate to them.”

Further, with this improvement, Mozilla Firefox intends to increase its market share over other industry heavyweights like Google Chrome.