On Tuesday, the Pakistan Cricket Board announced its stance on parental support for cricketers.

According to PCB, the aim is to “motivate and support professional cricketers in their path to parenthood.”

The PCB included a thorough breakdown of the program and the incentives it provides in a statement.

Wasim Khan, the PCB’s Chief Executive, believes that a player-friendly parental support scheme is necessary so that professional cricketers will feel supported at a difficult time in their lives without having to think about their futures.

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He said that the PCB owes its cricketers a “duty of care.”

The Pakistan Cricket Board official hoped that the initiative would allow more women and girls to participate in cricket.

“Having this strategy in place for our female cricketers was much more important. “Women play an important role in the growth of a society, and our female cricketers have given us international acclaim and appreciation,” Khan said.

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The strategy is divided into the following:

  • Women cricketers will move to a non-playing role before their maternity leave begins in the weeks leading up to the baby’s birth.
  • They can take up to 12 months of paid maternity leave and will be guaranteed a contract extension for the following year, in line with their existing contractual arrangements.
  • Following her maternity leave, the player will be reintroduced to cricketing practices and will be given ample medical and physical care.
  • PCB would allow a woman player to travel for tours with a support person of her choosing to assist in the care of her infant child, with travel and hotel costs split evenly.
  • Expectant or new dads in men’s cricket will be entitled to up to 30 days of entirely paid leave, which must be taken within 56 days of their child’s birth.