A forty-year-old American woman arrived in Pakistan to wed a Pakistani TikToker, proving that love knows no boundaries.

According to reports, Danielle, an American woman from Washington, has arrived in Pakistan to marry Afshan Raj, a 27-year-old Pakistani TikToker actor from Rawalpindi. Danielle has changed her name to Hifza Afshan after converting to Islam.

“A few months ago, Danielle liked and commented on a video of mine, and our love started with this one like,” said TikTok star Afshan.

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“There is a big difference between Danielle and my age, but I consider myself lucky that a non-Muslim converted to Islam because of me,” TikToker added.

“I like Eastern culture, clothes and mosques very much. Pakistan is a beautiful country. The people here are very simple and hospitable,” said Danielle.