Hareem Shah, a TikTok star, has filed a police report in Islamabad’s Golra police station for alleged torture in her apartment.

Tik-Tok star lodged a petition in her real name, Fiza Hussain, for alleged torture, according to the TV channel. “I, a resident of E-11 (III) Omni Arcade, came to Islamabad from Karachi for shooting on March 16,” she stated in the FIR.

“Two people Bahadur Sher Afridi and Ayesha Naz came to my flat on March 18 and started torturing as soon as they entered the flat,” FIR reads.

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According to Hareem, Bahadur Sher Afridi then put his hand on her lips and both ran from her flat after making a noise.

The TikTok star also claimed to be requesting assistance from the Federal Investigation Agency (FIA). Hareem Shah had contacted the Federal Investigation Agency’s Cyber Crime Wing in Karachi on March 19 to prevent her friend Ayesha Shah from leaking her videos.

Hareem claimed that Ayesha was her friend, not her cousin and that she had stolen her papers, including her passport. She also claimed that Ayesha was threatening her with the help of her boyfriend. Ayesha and her boyfriend Bahadur Shah Abdullah, according to Hareem, came to her home drunk and abused her. Ayesha was accused of being involved in two criminal cases, according to her.