Hania Amir has been catching flak for urging people to embrace their natural, makeup-free skin while using a beauty filter on Instagram herself.

It all happened when the Pakistani starlet took to Instagram to share a video wherein she can be seen calling out the ‘Gora complex’ perpetuating in the society.

“One thing that has been bothering me for a while is color shaming,” Amir said while revealing how she realized the problem after a friend told her she needs to get a tan.

“We need to own ourselves, we need to own our skin tones,” she added. “We don’t have to wear two tones dark foundation or two-tone light foundation that oh, these are our beauty standards. These are terrible beauty standards and we don’t need to follow them because we have a responsibility for the next generations to come.”

Soon after, people started criticizing Amir for not practicing what she is preaching.

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