A man allegedly attempted to rape a girl in Mahodand, Swat. On June 18, a couple from Lahore went camping with their employees, as per Zaki Khalid’s post on Twitter.

They hired tents from the “Khan Jee” hotel near Mahodand Lake, Swat. The hotel owner, on the other hand, delayed the installation of the tents and, after almost three hours, set up the tent far from the agreed location.

Initially, the couple was hesitant to settle into the tent. They had no option but to go to the tent.

The girl noticed a man unzipping as he approach their tent past midnight. She urged the intruder to take the cash, fearing he was there to loot her, but he ordered her to keep quiet. When her husband woke up, he saw the man on top of his spouse. To protect his wife, he fought the attacker, who eventually fled.

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Her spouse faced hand injury during the combat, and they both ran outside the tent, crying for help. However, the hotel’s proprietor standing nearby, ignored them. After a few minutes, members of the local community came, one of them was the individual who attacked the pair.

Following that, the pair sought therapy at Kalam. They were escorted to Kalam by Mahodand residents.

An FIR is lodged against the culprit. Two people are arrested, including the hotel’s proprietor, and the “Khan Jee” hotel is shut down by local authorities. All hotel and tent/camp facility operators in Swat are required to register their workers and visitors with the proper police stations.

The case is still being looked into.