To minimize pollution, the Capital Development Authority (CDA) plans to restrict the use of private transportation in Islamabad. Dr. Naveed Iftikhar, the Chairman of the CDA, recently met with a well-known urban development expert to examine the possibility of making the capital region more pedestrian-friendly.

According to reports, the policy analyst addressed the importance of effective signposting, regular public awareness initiatives, and a thorough examination of pedestrian requirements. He emphasized the city’s lack of services and infrastructure that are required to support pedestrianism.

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The chairman claimed that excessive use of private transportation is the primary cause of rising air pollution in Islamabad, and addressed the implementation of paid parking and the introduction of a bus service in March 2022. He also informed the policy experts on the development of a pedestrian map.


The expert indicated that limiting the use of private transportation in the capital city necessitates a complex plan, and volunteered to assist CDA in developing and implementing one.

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According to data from the Environmental Protection Agency, air pollution levels in Islamabad reached a new high last month, setting a new record (EPA). PM 2.5 concentrations averaged 280.3 micrograms per cubic metre on December 22, 2021, from 4 p.m. to 12 a.m., the worst in the city’s history.

According to an EPA representative, Islamabad’s air quality has deteriorated due to increasing automobile emissions, as well as the dry and chilly climate. The government has given CDA the task of figuring out how to mitigate pollution caused by these emissions.