Jazz users across Pakistan have been experiencing significant invoicing troubles for the past 9 days, with no option when it comes to topping up their accounts or paying their bills.

Users have been screaming about issues with their outgoing, incoming, and internet services since November 1, with the problem ongoing for months.

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Since the problem initially arose, a large number of Jazz users have reported about being unable to register to bundles or packages. The complaints are flooding in from all around Pakistan, implying that the outage is hurting many of the 71 million Jazz members in various ways.

On Twitter, Jazz’s response has been quite routine, with the firm employing the typical answer: “We apologise for the inconvenience.” Please send us a thorough description of your issue, as well as your phone number, so that we may better assist you.”

Customers returning from Jazz franchisees and experience centres with unanswered questions have reported that services including the issue of new SIMs and Mobile Network Portability have been inaccessible for some time. The rationale stated by Jazz is that a’system update’ is now under progress, rendering biometric verification inactive.

Moreover, since the difficulties began, Jazz’s hotline has been mainly neglected, leaving millions of subscribers stranded and unconnected. Despite the fact that Jazz informed certain consumers of the system change, no additional information has been provided to the impacted subscribers.

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When asked about the situation by local media, Jazz gave a tepid response, saying, “A scheduled update to new digital systems, for our consumers, is happening.” Our telecommunications and data services are operating normally. During this period, however, a few customers may experience some intermittent difficulties. We apologize for any trouble this has caused and thank our consumers for their patience during this period.”

Jazz’s continuing disdain for its consumers’ significant worries for days on end should be sufficient justification for the regulator’s action. The company’s refusal to notify customers about the system upgrade ahead of time demonstrates its disregard for customers.