Through the help of Israeli malware, India attacked a phone formerly used by Pakistani Prime Minister Imran Khan.

According to a storey published in the Israeli daily Haaretz, this malware produced by an Israeli business is causing significant privacy and human rights violations.

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According to the Israeli publication, the Indian administration of Narendra Modi used Israeli technology to target many Pakistani officials, Kashmiri freedom fighters, Indian Congress leader Rahul Gandhi, and even an Indian Supreme Court justice.

According to reports, India attempted to intercept the texts and calls of Federal Cabinet members using spyware, leading Pakistan to build new technology for its federal ministers.

Following this development, a high-level conference of civil and military authorities was convened to determine the next course of action in response to India’s eavesdropping initiative.

In response, Indian Congress leader Rahul Gandhi stated, “Targeted monitoring of the sort you mention, whether in relation to myself, other opposition leaders, or indeed any law-abiding citizen of India, is unlawful and terrible.”

In order to prevent being compromised, the Congress leader switches phones every few months.

According to the newspaper, New Delhi did not confirm or deny whether it was a client of the Israeli business NSO, but its regulations do not require the government to reveal its use of the technology.

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In response to queries from The Washington Post, India’s Ministry of Electronics and Information Technology stated that the assertion that specific persons were targeted “had no solid basis or reality linked with it whatsoever.”

“Any surveillance, monitoring, or decryption of any information via any computer resource is done in accordance with due process,” it said.