According to government reports, Bhushan Kumar, the president of India’s largest music company, T-Series, has been charged for rape. In response to the rape charges lodged against its Chairman and Managing Director Kumar, the media company released a statement.

According to the statement, Kumar’s allegation is “totally untrue and spiteful.” It goes on to say that the petitioner’s police case is “nothing more than a counterblast” to T-Series’ complaint filed on July 1 this year “against her and her collaborator for the act of blackmail.”

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“The allegation submitted against Mr Bhushan Kumar is entirely untrue and spiteful, and the allegations of the same are rejected,” according to a T-Series official response. It has been erroneously claimed that the female in concern was sexually abused between 2017 and 2020 under the guise of providing her with a job. “It is a matter of public record that she has already collaborated with T-Series brand in Film and music videos,” it continues.

“Around March 2021, she contacted Mr Bhushan Kumar demanding aid to finance one of the web series that she planned to make, which was respectfully denied,” the statement continued. Following that, in June 2021, when the Maharashtra lockdown was lifted, she approached the T-Series brand in conjunction with her collaborator, seeking a large quantity of money as an extortion payment.”

“As a result, a complaint filed by T-Series brand against the attempted blackmailing with police at Amboli police station on July 1, 2021,” it ended. We also have a proof for the extortion scheme in the format of an audiotape, which will be given to the investigative agency. The current case filed by her is only a trigger effect to the extortion charge brought against her and her partner. We are working with our attorneys about this and will take necessary legal action.”

The Mumbai Police have lodged an FIR after an aspiring model-turned-actor submitted a complaint saying Kumar raped her. As per an officer from the DN Nagar Police Station in Andheri, the 30-year-old woman stated in the FIR that he sexually assaulted and abused her between 2017 and 2020 under the guise of providing her roles in movies. With the Mumbai Police lodging, an FIR filed by the aspiring model against music mogul Kumar, the heinous problem of casting couch has resurfaced.

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However, in the case of the accusation against T-Series’ CEO, the woman has opted not to reveal her identity on social media or any other site and has instead filed a police report for the time being.

Casting couch stories involving influential individuals in Bollywood are not unknown. The first major harassment lawsuit in Bollywood occurred in 2017, before actor Tanushree Dutta’s sexual assault claim against Nana Patekar in September 2018 sparked India’s #Metoo campaign.