Shortly after Usman Mirza was apprehended in the country’s federal capital, Rawalpindi police caught another suspect Hammad Shah after the assault was recorded on video and went viral on social media.

According to local media, the guy in the video is named as Hammad Shah, and he can be seen tormenting a married woman in order to seek a divorce from her husband.

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As per media reports, the perpetrator wishes to forcibly marry the victim, who can be seen sobbing for mercy.

The perpetrator tormented the woman who refused to obtain a divorce at a private flat in an upscale neighborhood in Rawalpindi, where he also filmed the video.

Soon after the video of the horrible event went viral on social media, CPO Muhammad Ahsan Younis retaliated, and the Rawalpindi Airport police quickly tracked down Shah and arrested him.

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“Violence against women is not allowed at any stage,” CPO added, emphasizing a zero-tolerance stance against such heinous crimes.

Meanwhile, Islamabad police have arrested another culprit in the Usman Mirza case after a video showing him torturing and stripping a couple went popular on social media.

The incident came to light when the video caught a distressing series of events from the audacious attack, which showed the suspects entering into an apartment and initiating the abuse.