Federal Education Minister Shafqat Mehmood has recommended Pakistani students to quit using Twitter to generate anti-exam trends and instead focus on their studies because examinations will not be cancelled or delayed.

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Exams have already begun in Sindh and will begin in Punjab on Friday, according to Mahmood, therefore there is no chance of papers being postponed or cancelled.

“I would urge kids to avoid spending time on Twitter creating trends and instead focus on their study. There is still time to study for the exam.”

The education minister has been the fodder of memes on social media due to controversy related to physical exams.

When questioned about Pakistani students who are waiting to return to China, Mahmood said he had discussed the situation with the Chinese envoy and hoped it would be resolved soon.

“Each country is coping with the COVID-19 epidemic in their own unique way. We all know that China is a large nation with a high danger of viral transmission, therefore the Chinese government implemented the toughest restrictions and a lockdown.”

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The minister stated that he was aware of the issues and that he would raise them again with the Chinese authorities.

“The pandemic situation in China and abroad has improved, so I am hopeful that this problem will be handled soon,” he added.

Pakistani students studying in Chinese institutions are still waiting to return home and continue their classroom studies. They arrived in Pakistan last year at the height of the epidemic and have been barred from returning since.