Former JUI leader Mufti Aziz ur Rehman and his sons from Mianwali have been detained for their participation in a sexual assault case.

Rehman was caught on camera sexually assaulting a seminary student in a video that went viral on social media.

Rehman allegedly sexually assaulted the pupil, and the cleric’s sons began blackmailing and threatening to murder him.

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The survivor had stated, “If justice is not done, I will commit suicide.”

After police filed a case against them and launched searches to apprehend the suspects, Rehman and his sons escaped.

After the video went viral, the administrator of the madrassa where Rehman worked stated the priest had been dismissed.

Rehman and his sons had been asked to leave the madrassa, according to Superintendent Asadullah Farooq, and the institution was not liable for any of their actions.

Meanwhile, the secretary-general of the JUI Lahore issued a notification indicating that the party had suspended Mufti Rehman’s membership following the video and that it would stay revoked until the inquiry was completed.

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On social media, the event generated anger, with many demanding for the former JUI leader’s imprisonment.

Meanwhile, Rehman claimed that the video was from two and a half years ago and that the student was being “used against” him.

“I swear under oath that I did not commit such an act while aware. I was given something intoxicating and was not aware of it at the time “In a video message, he said.