Hira Mani is a well-known actress in Pakistan’s entertainment industry who has been in a number of well-known drama serials.

“Dil Moum Ka Diya,” “Sun Yara,” “Mere pass tum ho,” and “Kashf” are among her most popular dramas. She was recently seen on hum TV in the drama “Mohabbatein, Chahatain.” Salman Saqib, also known as Mani, is Hira Mani’s husband. Muzammil and Ibrahim are the names of the two celebrities’ sons.

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Hira recently starred in the Geo News programme Jashan-e-Cricket, which was presented by Shahzad Iqbal.

Hira Mani was asked to predict anything about Asim Azhar in a game on the show, and she answered, “Asim Azhar is enjoying a tranquil and cool life and he will remain the same in the future.”

Hira was asked about her support for Asim Azhar when she posted a photograph with him during his feud with Hania Aamir.

“I have not backed Asim Azhar; I worked with him in the drama Pagli, and I used to exchange Asim and Hania’s images while they were together,” Hira said. Actually, I am Asim’s fan.”

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