Everyone dislikes public displays of affection, except this naïve Pakistani couple who sought assistance from a low-cost airline air attendant for their make-out session.’

The incident occurred on May 20, when a couple flying from Karachi to Islamabad on Airblue aircraft PA-200 was caught kissing throughout the trip. Many of their fellow passengers were irritated by their make-out session and contacted the staff to ask them to stop.

Eyewitnesses In an interview with an English publication, Bilal Farooq Alvi, a lawyer who was on the same aircraft, said, “The pair were seated in the first seat and kissing openly.”

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After their steamy make-out session on the plane, several passengers, including Alvi, contacted the air hostess to request that they stop. The flight attendant then issued a warning to the pair who proceeded to kiss, after which the crew gave them a blanket to continue the deed underneath.

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When confronted, the crazy pair retorted, “You don’t have any right to intrude in someone’s private,” according to Alvi.

Meanwhile, the lawyer filed a formal complaint with the Civil Aviation Authority (CAA) against the airline crew for failing to stop the pair from engaging in public indecency and allowing them to continue their “love-filled moments” with a blanket.