During a conversation with Foreign Minister Shah Mahmood Quereshi, Palestine Foreign Minister Dr Riyad Al Maliki praised Pakistan’s principled, staunch, and unwavering support.

According to a statement released by the Foreign Office, the Palestinian Foreign Minister appreciated Prime Minister Imran Khan’s unambiguous stance on the recent crisis and thanked Pakistan for its continuous diplomatic support to Palestine at regional and international forums.

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During the discussion, FM Qureshi denounced Israeli attacks on the Al-Aqsa Mosque as well as ongoing airstrikes on Gaza, which have killed at least 122 civilians, including teenagers.

He reaffirmed Pakistan’s unwavering respect for the Palestinian people’s rights and just struggle. Dr Maliki was also briefed by the foreign minister on Pakistan’s attempts to educate the international community on human rights and international law abuses.

Recalling Prime Minister Imran Khan’s latest telephonic conversation with Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas, the foreign minister assured Dr Maliki of Pakistan’s unwavering support for Palestinians during these difficult times.

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FM Qureshi interacted with the Palestinian Foreign Minister as part of a broader outreach to the Foreign Ministers of key Islamic countries, with the aim of assisting in the resolution of Palestine’s dire situation. Earlier, the Foreign Minister met with Saudi Arabia’s Foreign Minister and sought his advice on the matter.