A barber in Lahore uniquely does hairstyling in an untraditional way- by making use of tools like a hammer, butcher’s knife, and fire. The barber, Ali Abbas- says that with each passing day, he keeps on changing and trying different methods of cutting hair.

He said that he experimented by cutting hair using a hammer and cleaver. He added that it was a new skill for him, and it took him one year to be successful in acquiring the skill. He further shared that giving layers to the hair with the help of glass pieces is a unique way he has adopted. Whereas; we occasionally use scissors to give an exceptional look to the layers and make them look good on the person, said Ali Abbas. The barber believes that he does his work wholeheartedly and has faith in Allah that He will pave the way for success for him. Surprisingly, not only men but many women also visit him to get their hair uniquely done.

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Upon being questioned regarding her experience at the barbershop, she replied that initially, the process made her afraid, but, over time- it went smooth, and she was satisfied with the work. The Female customer said that she might be visiting the salon soon.

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The barber is excited and focused on his goal of introducing more ways of uniquely doing hairstyling- by making the use of fire and cleaver.

Astonishingly, this is not the first time that unique ways are used to do hairstyling. Earlier, in Pakistan, another barber went viral for lighting people’s hair by the fire.