• These water purifiers can purify 10,000 liters of contaminated water at 30 liters/hour.
  • ERM technology was invented in Pakistan and patented in 82 regions across the globe.
  • Water purifiers can help free millions of women and children from water-borne diseases.

PakVitae has distributed its Every Water branded 15,000 micro-sized water purifiers through partner organizations, to flood-affected people across Pakistan including Sindh, KP, Balochistan, and Punjab.

These innovative filters are now providing clean water at 15,000 points delivering 500,000 liters per hour. These off-grid purifiers are easy to maintain and purify water with 99.9999% efficiency. They carry a 2 years performance warranty.

The purifiers are developed using indigenous innovative ERM (Esoteric Resistive Membrane) technology. The technology was invented by the UET Lahore Chemical Engineering graduates and Founders of Pakvitae, Shayan Sohail and Arslan Ahmed. PakVitae ultrafilters have undergone rigorous field use providing millions of liters of clean water from hundreds of contaminated water sources across Pakistan, India, and Africa. This far over 300,000 individuals have benefited from every water across the globe.

Unlike centralized water purification solutions which tend to get crowded, and require power, infrastructure, and supervision, these purifiers are provided to individual families who can easily maintain them and get readily available clean drinking water in their homes/camps.

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Each purifier costs only Rs. 4000 and comes with a 15 liters container. This solution helps contain plastic pollution and carbon emissions as each filter saves up to 2 tons of Carbon dioxide and 400 kgs of plastic waste over its lifetime of two years, delivering 10,000 liters of clean drinking water, which is equal to the drinking water needed of a 6-member family.

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While talking about this technology and its use to purify water for drinking, Shayan Sohail, Chief Operating Officer of Pakvitae told that this ERM (esoteric resistive membrane) technology is patented in 82 regions across the globe and has been certified by the world’s leading laboratories.

The technology has received numerous national and international awards including Queen’s commonwealth award and the national innovation award. The portability of every water purifier ensures the democratization of clean drinking water which has proven to be the most suitable solution for calamity hit / remote areas, he added.

PakVitae is working with Red Crescent, NBP, Asifa-Irfan Foundation, Sahil foundation, and many other NGOs and INGOs to provide sustainable access to more than five million families affected by the recent floods in Pakistan.