In an uncommon event, an elderly man and his teenage companion rob the doctor of cash and other valuables after they attended a dental clinic in Karachi’s Azizabad locality for a medical check.

A number of robbery incidents have happened in recent months. Karachi’s law and order situation remain unsatisfactory. The entire event was just captured on CCTV. It shows two physicians in Karachi being robbed by an old and a young man.

The two were discussing a medical problem with the physician when the youth abruptly pulled out a gun. After receiving a signal from the elderly gentleman, he took aim at the doctor.

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The doctor, who can be seen listening to the issue and jotting something on a piece of paper, was taken aback by the turn of events. They kept another doctor prisoner when he entered the room since they were witnessed taking items from the clinic.

Additionally, the video showed a doctor using the presence of mind to conceal cash in a hole while robbers threatened them and collected valuables from the doctor’s laptop bag. Both robbers, however, were able to flee with the looted cash and other valuables.