Mark Ruffalo has been a strong opponent of violence in Palestine and was among a tiny handful of celebrities — a group that is rapidly dwindling — who really named out Israel rather than making general remarks appealing for peace on all sides.

That changed on Tuesday when he apologised for his past statements in a tweet.

“I have reflected and wanted to apologise for posts during the recent Israel/Hamas fighting that suggested Israel is committing “genocide”,” he wrote. “It’s not accurate, it’s inflammatory, disrespectful and is being used to justify antisemitism here and abroad. Now is the time to avoid hyperbole.”

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His older tweets are still accessible, but it’s unclear whether he’ll embark on a social media fast.

People were dissatisfied with his abrupt change and attempted to Mark Ruffalo.

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Many Twitter users speculated that Ruffalo’s change of heart was due to the fact that money (or movies) was on the line.

The few celebrities who supported the pro-Palestine movement have distanced themselves from the movement and have backtracked on their earlier statements of support, which is disappointing but not surprising.