In Pakistan, international women’s day is acknowledged by the event of aurat march across the major cities of Pakistan. The slogans in the march were the talk of the town for every reason. Karachi Lahore and Islamabad observed strict sops following the coronavirus concern.

  Pakistan has been in the headlines for a couple of years for its Aurat March.  The slogans did not deter up the patriarchal strains of our society. Every individual raised the voice of the morals that are unheard. Serious things are going on with women in the country like rape, forced marriages, inheritance rights, honour killings, physical and sexual abuse all of these matters are of great importance and a great deal of heed should be paid to all such acts by the government as well as the society, unfortunately, there is less being done on the political ends of Pakistan.

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In Lahore, the #metoo blanket was laid out by the organizers which made women share their horrific experiences of sexual harassment and abuse. Moreover, the health of women was also a major concern of the Lahoris. The women displayed their clothes across the streets and walls screaming with the term ‘stains of patriarchy’.

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Presence of men in the aurat march and striving for the slogans like ‘I march because my sister says: kaash mei larka hoti’ put a clear question on the gender biasedness prevailing in the country. The young men in the parade were to bring a positive image to the whole idea. The crowd demanded the gender-based violence end, gender-based crimes to have transparent trials. Apart from this the hideous requirement of virginity tests of rape victims, nonetheless, the ill-treatment in cells of police stations and sexual harassment was questioned on the roads.