In a recent press briefing in Washington, Deputy Spokesman for the US State Department, Vedant Patel, reiterated warnings to Pakistan regarding potential sanctions for entering into new agreements with Iran.

Patel emphasized that Pakistan could face sanctions if it proceeds with business agreements with Iran, urging caution and advising Islamabad to align its relations with Iran in accordance with its foreign policy.

The renewed warning follows earlier indications from the United States regarding the possibility of imposing sanctions on Pakistan for engaging in trade with Iran. US State Department spokesperson Matthew Miller had previously cautioned against trade deals with Iran, citing the risk of sanctions.

While not explicitly naming Pakistan, Miller highlighted the significance of the US as one of Pakistan’s largest export markets and a major investor in the country. He underscored the importance of Pakistan’s economic success and expressed a desire to continue the partnership between the two nations.

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In light of President Ebrahim Raisi’s recent visit to Pakistan and the bilateral agreements signed between Iran and Pakistan, Miller hinted at the potential impact of these agreements on US-Pakistan relations, warning of possible sanctions due to dealings with Iran.

This warning comes in the wake of previous admonitions from the US regarding Pakistan’s import of gas from Iran, with the US expressing disapproval of the pipeline project.