Tania Aidrus, a former Google executive and tech pioneer, has resumed her role as the head of the Digital Pakistan project, nearly four years after stepping down due to a dual citizenship issue.

Aidrus, known for her contributions to various apps and platforms, has rejoined the federal government’s digitization efforts, spearheading the initiative under the leadership of the PML-N-led government. She has been appointed as the convener of the Digital Pakistan committee, as per a notification issued by the Ministry of IT and Telecom.

Under her leadership, the committee, chaired by the federal state minister for IT, will be responsible for compiling recommendations aimed at enhancing the country’s digitization infrastructure and ensuring transparency and efficiency in government processes.

Tania Aidrus has a distinguished background, having completed her MBA from MIT Sloan School of Management and her bachelor’s degree from Brandeis University. With over 15 years of experience in the tech industry, she has been a proponent of leveraging the internet’s potential to break down information barriers and transform lives and economies.

During her tenure at Google, Aidrus played a pivotal role in product management and payments within the Next Billion Users (NBU) division, facilitating the transition to digital payments in developing countries. She also served as Google’s Country Manager for South Asia Emerging Markets, overseeing operations in Pakistan, Bangladesh, and Sri Lanka from the Singapore headquarters.

In 2017, Aidrus co-founded ClickDiagnostics, a mobile health diagnosis company aimed at bridging the gap between rural patients and healthcare experts. Her return to the Digital Pakistan project signifies a renewed focus on leveraging technology for the country’s development and progress.

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