Punjab Chief Minister Maryam Nawaz expressed her commitment to increasing the representation of women in the police department during a passing out ceremony held at Chung Police Training College on Thursday.

Addressing the ceremony, CM Maryam commended the 530 women who participated in the passing out parade, highlighting her pleasure in witnessing women officers actively serving in the police force. She emphasized the significance of wearing the uniform and expressed pride in the dedication of women serving in law enforcement.

With approximately 7,000 women police officers currently in Punjab, CM Maryam expressed her desire to further bolster the presence of women within the police force. She hailed lady police officers as superheroes, noting their compassion yet firm resolve in delivering justice to the oppressed and holding oppressors accountable.

Reflecting on her own leadership, CM Maryam shared her approach of making decisions with a heavy heart, devoid of any desire for revenge. She acknowledged the challenges she encountered on her journey to becoming the Chief Minister and reiterated her commitment to serving the people with justice.

Furthermore, CM Maryam expressed admiration for Nawaz Sharif and Shehbaz Sharif, crediting them for the progress and development witnessed in the country. She pledged to continue their legacy of serving the nation and ensuring prosperity for all.

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The passing out parade, graced by CM Maryam as a special guest, showcased her active involvement as she inspected the parade and recognized outstanding police officers by distributing awards. CM Maryam, donning the police uniform, symbolized her solidarity with law enforcement and her dedication to promoting inclusivity and excellence within the police force.