A disturbing video circulating online captures a shocking incident where a female driver, purportedly infuriated by being stopped for a violation, drives her car into a traffic officer in the capital city.

The footage, widely shared on social media, shows the woman behind the wheel of a Honda Civic engaged in a heated argument with the traffic cop at a toll plaza in Islamabad.

In the video, the woman, whose identity remains undisclosed by the capital police, can be heard shouting insults at the police official, who attempts to film her and advises her to calm down.

In a moment of extreme aggression, the woman driver warns another traffic police officer to step aside. When he refuses, she accelerates her car into him, causing him to be thrown into the air before she flees the scene.

Following the incident, a police patrolling car is seen pursuing the woman. According to Islamabad Traffic Police, the incident took place in January this year, and the woman has been booked for her actions.

The disturbing footage serves as a reminder of the importance of maintaining calm and respect during interactions with law enforcement officers, highlighting the need for appropriate consequences for those who resort to violence.

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