The 2022 FIFA World Cup will take place from November 21 to December 18. Qatar will host the world cup this year. It is the biggest event of the year and arrangements for the game are already underway.

Like every year, Sialkot, the city famous for producing sports and surgical equipment will manufacture the footballs for the world cup. It is an honor for Pakistan specifically Sialkot to make footballs for FIFA every year. Even though Pakistan does not have a football team playing in FIFA but it is famous for making the finest footballs in the world.

Random football design from Forward group, Sialkot.

This year’s ball’s name is Al-Rihla, which means journey. Forward sports’ in Sialkot manufactures the footballs for Adidas. Additionally, the company manufacture balls from recyclable and environmentally friendly material.

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Furthermore, the Sialkot industry is the hub of sports and surgical items. All sorts of sports and surgical goods are made. Sialkot produces fine quality products which are recognized throughout the world. The local sports goods industry of Sialkot manufacture footballs for the FIFA WorldCup every year.

Moreover, this year will be the first time an Arab country will be hosting the FIFA world cup. The Arab country is making huge investments. Qatar’s regulatory body is ready for outclass arrangements. Over USD 1600 billion has been spent on preparations for the event, which will take place later this year.

Lastly, the game is equally important for Pakistan as for Qatar as Pakistan’s image is at stake. The quality of footballs from Pakistan needs to be exceptional. This is to promote the local industry of Pakistan. Every year, the FIFA football contract brings in massive revenue to the country. It helps develop the industry and the economy.