Waking up in the morning and having to prepare breakfast often becomes hectic. Why be concerned when there are so many options to eat?

Talking about food, there is a long-standing rivalry between Lahore and Karachi Eateries. And this rivalry has no end. To understand the true culture of Pakistan, one must visit Lahore and Karachi and try their cuisines.

However, Islamabad is no less. It has a vast variety of places to have a scrumptious breakfast, suiting every pocket and taste buds.

Below is a list of restaurants where you with your family can have breakfast without having to worry about the pocket.

  1. Chattha’s

Chattha's breakfast image

Located in F-10/2 (Tariq Market), is a promising place for breakfast. The restaurant has succeeded in making a name for itself. Over years it has become a go-to place for breakfast for many.

If you’re craving a desi Halwa Puri breakfast, think no more and visit Chathha’s in F-10. You would never regret the decision.

Chathha’s menu varies from puri chanay to nihari and paye. It is also light on the pocket, letting you breathe and enjoy breakfast.

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2. Khokha Khola

Khokha Khola

Khoka Khola, located in Beverly Center, is a Dhaba-style restaurant. As soon as you enter the eatery, the visuals light up your mood.

The place is famously known for its butter chicken. No eatery in Islamabad beats the taste.

Khokha Khola's butter chicken

Offering numerous dishes of local cuisine including breakfast, this khokha makes every effort to ensure that their customer gets the real desi experience in a homely manner.

3. Chaaye Khana

Chaaye Khana

The first name that comes to mind of a true Islamabadian is Chaaye Khana. It is the best place one can go for breakfast. It has a diverse menu where you can choose from a desi breakfast like aalu key parathay to an English breakfast. Their French toast and Mushroom on toast are a must-try for any foodie.

Chaaye Khana's breakfast item, Mushroom on toast

It has two branches in Islamabad, one in F-11 and the other in F-6.

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4. Chikachino

Chikachino LOGO

For a person who wakes up only after having a cup of tea, chickachino is the place to go. The café is open 24 hours to satisfy its customer’s chaye cravings.

It is less likely that you find an empty table in the café. Its prices and chaye availability at all times itself pull you to the café.

5. Rewayat Restaurant

Rewayat restaurant's breakfast banner

After a strong push from desi food lovers, Rewayat has extended its breakfast menu to two of its vicinities in town. People are going crazy over the pocket-friendly halwa puri nashta that Rewayat is offering. School and college students are the first in the queue to have breakfast at Rewayat.