Umer Sharif, a famous comedian, died on Saturday in Germany.

Umer and his wife Zareen Ghazal were being flown to the United States in an air ambulance.

After the renowned comedian’s condition worsened, the air ambulance was made an emergency landing in Germany. Germany approved the emergency landing on medical grounds and granted the comedian and his wife a 15-day visa.

Sharif was hospitalised in Berlin, where he died today.

Umer Sharif’s wife verified his death.

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Celebrities and other well-known personalities including politicians are expressing their sadness on Twitter.

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Sharif, who was 66 years old when he died, began his professional career in the theatre. He grabbed the attention of the Karachi audience, which favoured simple, uncomplicated amusement that allowed people to laugh and go home without having to ponder what a certain sentence or phrase meant.

Umer became a national icon, and his stage plays, the most well-known of which were Bakra Qiston Per and Buddha Ghar Pe Hai, were distributed on audio cassettes in Lahore businesses and residences, as well as through speakers installed in Karachi minibuses (W-11).

Later, he transitioned to cinema, and his stint in Lahore as a film actor and director was fruitful – Mr 420 being one example. Sharif returned to his origin of Karachi, where he performed in plays and even hosted debate shows on a few channels, owing to the arrival of satellite TV and the exponential growth of electronic media.