Shehroze Kashif, 19, has become the youngest Pakistani to reach the pinnacle of the world’s second-highest mountain.

The 19-year-old ascended the 8,611-meter summit early Tuesday and raised Pakistan’s flag there, according to a post on his official Facebook page.

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“The Pakistani squad successfully raised the Green Flag on Gigantic K2. Kashif is one of a number of teams that reach the peak of K2. Congrats to the whole squad”, Alpine Adventure Guides also published a piece.

Kashif has become the youngest Pakistani to climb to the top of Mount Everest, the world’s highest mountain, on May 6.

The young climber is from Punjab’s capital, and he began climbing at the age of eleven by scaling the 3885m Makra Peak.

He pushed his enthusiasm to the next level when he reached the 4080m Musa Ka Massalah and 4600m Chembra peaks at the age of 12. (4600m).

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Kashif has also climbed the 6050m Manglik Sar Shimshal top at the age of 13, the K2 Gondogoro La K2 Base Camp (5585m) at the age of 14, and the Khurdopin Pass (5890m) at the age of 15.

At 17, the young mountaineer scaled the Broad Peak (8047m), earning him the name “The Broad Boy.” He also scaled Khusar Gang-Alpine Style (6050m) while he was 18 years old.