As per social media uproar, Zahir Jaffar viciously killed Noor Mukaddam (27), daughter of ex-Pakistani ambassador Shaukat Mukaddam, in Pakistan’s capital Islamabad’s sector F-7/4.

Zahir Jaffer has a background of severe mental illness for which he has undergone therapy. He is the son of the CEO of the Jaffar group of companies and hails from a strong family.

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Zahir Jaffar, the country’s most influential billionaire, was arrested by Kohsar police from the crime scene on suspicion of killing Noor Mukaddam, the daughter of ex-Pakistani Ambassador to South Korea Shaukat Mukaddam.

As per sources, Zahir Jaffar and Noor Mukkadam had a breakup, after which Zahir shot and beheaded Noor.

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The suspected murderer’s detention was also affirmed by Islamabad’s deputy commissioner, Mr Hamza Shafqat.