Fawad Chaudhry, Federal Minister for Information and Broadcasting, declared on Monday that Pakistan has joined the field of E-sports for the very first time.

Fawad revealed Pakistan’s first-ever national e-sports event on Twitter when discussing the introduction of e-gaming tournaments.

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After a new agreement was struck between both the Pakistan Sports Board and the Pakistan Science Foundation on January 13, electronic-sports were designated official sports in Pakistan. Earlier this year, the minister of communications and broadcasting hinted at new prospects for e-gamers.

In keeping with his commitment, Fawad unveiled the Free Fire League, Pakistan’s inaugural national e-sports project. The Ministry of Information signed an agreement with Garena and Bigo, who will finance the event, for this reason.

Free Fire is a game created by Garena, a well-known Singaporean game development firm.

Fawad offered a Rs10 million reward and an opportunity to compete internationally for the winner. “Kids as young as 12 years old who are passionate about electronic-sports have a potential to become wealthy with e-sports,” stated the minister of information.

“This is a fantastic chance for Pakistan’s youngsters, and it will strengthen the electronic-sports business, allowing additional gaming firms to come into the market,” he added.

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Garena’s official expressed gratitude for the opportunity provided by Pakistan.

“Sincere appreciation to Fawad and the Ministry of Information Pakistan for creating this wonderful opportunity for Bigo, Garena, and particularly the e-sports industry,” he remarked during the event.

“I believe this will be a watershed moment for Pakistan’s e-sports sector.”

As per the Ministry of Information and Broadcasting, 567 teams will compete in the national competition.