The probe has expanded well beyond the culprit Usman Mirza!

From drugs to hoteling to blackmail, he’s done it all.
According to the report given to the Prime Minister, a criminal gang in Islamabad offer narcotics to students at universities.

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Then, drug-addicted guys and girls are called to specific guesthouses and lodgings where alcohol and drugs are abused. These teenage guys and girls are given expensively rented lodgings.

After filming movies of them with concealed cameras in these guesthouses, hotel rooms, and washrooms couples are blackmailed by the gang to provide them with money.

According to the report provided to the premier, all of these criminal acts are carried out by a Usman Mirza gang. It was revealed that these specific guest houses and motels are being employed for this objective.

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Prime Minister Imran Khan has issued an order for an urgent crackdown.