On Wednesday, a government employee Rana Sohail Akhter in Islamabad was accused of sexually harassing a teenager in the capital city after guaranteeing her a job.

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While recounting her incident, the victimized girl stated that a state official advised her to travel to Islamabad from Peshawar in order to obtain a job. She said that he afterwards sexually assaulted her.

He drove me to a National Commission for the Rights of the Child rest house and abused me, the girl said, adding that the place was rented at the instruction of the DG National Centre for Rural Development.

Rana Sohail Akhter, a BPS-17 employee now serving as a section officer in the establishment department, has been named as the accused.

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In a statement, the police stated that they had detained the perpetrator and were conducting an investigation into the claims made by the girl.

“We are also performing a medical assessment of the girl,” they added, stressing that a case had been filed against the officer at the Shahzad Town police office on the orders of the Inspector General of Police in Islamabad.