Abdul Sattar Edhi is recognized as a philanthropist who established the nation’s biggest volunteer ambulance network and created various homeless shelters, animal shelters, rehab facilities, and orphanages across Pakistan through the Edhi Foundation. He died five years ago and is still commemorated by people across the country. One individual who remembers him is actor Ahsan Khan, who paid homage to him on the anniversary of his death.

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The Udaari actor shared a touching poetry on Instagram in memory of Edhi’s kindness and how he gave so much to humanity without expecting anything in return.


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In a video, Khan read aloud, “There was only one such man among us.” “There will never be another like you in a million years.”

He continued by saying that he wanted people might learn humanity through Edhi.

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Having access to millions of money and only owning two changes of clothing and living in the same tiny apartment in the same congested section of town.” To begin, he had a single van in which he transported bodies in whatever condition. And to establish the world’s largest volunteer ambulance service solely on the strength of reputation,” he said, outlining only a small portion of the philanthropist’s significant contributions to the nation.

“Edhi sahab, we adore you. First and foremost, humanity “He said.

The founder of the Edhi Foundation died in Karachi at the age of 88 from renal disease. Even after his death, Edhi donated his corneas as his final act of kindness. Pakistan is still mourning the loss of its “richest impoverished man” five years after his death.