Honda Atlas has kept its ambitions to lower car pricing under wraps, despite the fact that other manufacturers have lately reduced the prices of their vehicle portfolio.

The carmaker, on the other hand, sent out Friday greetings to the public today, along with the long-awaited announcement of price reduction for all automobiles in its current portfolio.

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Honda Atlas has made the following pricing effective:

Although the price reduction are minor, they are expected to help Honda Atlas get a big number of bookings from local auto enthusiasts.

Furthermore, the ‘new’ Honda City’s pricing has yet to be announced, but based on Honda’s past tendencies, the new car is expected to be among the most costly alternatives in the class.

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The new regulation also provides numerous advantages for hybrid cars, and Honda Atlas is one of the manufacturers that can benefit from it if it decides to produce new, locally built hybrid vehicles in Pakistan.

Automobiles like the Vezel/HR-V, the Insight, the CR-V, and a few more may be a great addition to the Honda portfolio in this day and age of environmentally friendly vehicles, and it will be fascinating to see whether the business takes advantage of the chance.