According to a top-level government official, Amazon’s first ever Fulfillment and Facilitation Center (AFFC) in South Punjab would open in Multan after Eid-ul-Adha.

During an exclusive interview with APP, Post-Master General (PMG) Zulfiqar Husnain emphasised the government’s unwavering efforts to offer a range of Pakistani products abroad via Amazon.

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According to the PMG, Pakistan Post is working diligently to meet the objective.

The official stated that the majority of the work on the AFFC at the general post office Dera Adda had been done and that it will be operational after Eid. In order to meet Amazon’s expectations, a warehouse is also being built.

He further mentioned that work is being done to establish Amazon hubs with warehouses in Bahawalpur and other areas of South Punjab.

“Multan officials were in contact with the Multan Chamber of Commerce and Industry (MCCI) to make sure that handcrafted products from South Punjab become an individuality of Pakistan on the Amazon portal and that local exporters, industrialists, and traders can access the world’s largest online retail platform after registering.”

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Amazon, according to Zulfiqar Husnain, is the world’s largest market gateway, and a made-in-Pakistan trademark would be a huge success for the government.

“The project would not only provide much-needed foreign exchange profits, but it would also increase Pakistan Post’s revenue,” the PMG stated.