Abdul Qavi, a so-called cleric who is often involved in controversy, has gotten himself into trouble once more. He may be seen completely nude and jerking off on a video chat in a video that has leaked on social media.

Qavi has a history of generating news for all the wrong reasons. His family of religious leaders even forbade him from making public appearances. Despite this, the shameless guy always manages to get himself into problems. The priest gained notoriety after his name was linked to the murder of Qandeel Baloch, but he could not stop surprising everyone. So, what’s the deal this time?

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On social media, a video has leaked showing this man totally nude in horrible conduct. While the other individual is not seen in the video, Qavi can be seen pulling away. Abdul Qavi, whose family stripped him of his ‘Mufti’ title earlier this year due to his immoral actions, ensures that his whole body is captured.

The leaked video caught the internet by storm as soon as it was released. Users on social media were ready to press the share button and spread the word. Due to its graphic nature, it is not possible to include the video in this post.

However, the screenshot of it is added below.

A video of Qavi and the social media phenomenon Hareem Shah had already gone viral on the internet. After reportedly engaging in a “vulgar” chat with her, Shah released a video of her slapping him. The TikTok star Shah can be seen hitting Qavi, who is seated on a bed, in the video, which quickly went viral.

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