PPP chairman Bilawal Bhutto Zardari, has slammed the PTI-led government for putting a 17 percent sales tax on dairy goods while the country’s poverty rate was at 40%.

In a statement released on Thursday, he was reported as stating, “This [dairy tax] is the price the people of Pakistan must pay for [Prime Minister] Imran Khan’s change.”

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The PPP chairman also slammed price hikes in bread, oil, and electricity, claiming that the current PM is to blame for the country’s inflation.

Bilawal also chastised PM Imran for allegedly suppressing the opposition’s voice in order to “conceal the truth” of the budget. “Whatever methods the PTI-led government employs, the PPP will tell the public the truth about the budget 2021-2022,” he said.

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“In one year, there has been a 17 percent drop in the ordinary man’s income and a 25% increase in the costs of food utilities,” Bilawal remarked, mocking the government’s ‘Naya Pakistan.’ In a country where one out of every three children is malnourished, the inept Prime Minister has placed a 17 percent sales tax on milk and related products.”