Saudi Arabia’s media claimed on Friday that adult women can now live alone in a residence without the approval of their fathers or other male guardians.

Saudi legal officials, according to a report in the Makkah daily, withdrew paragraph (b) from Article 169 of the “Law of Procedure before Sharia Courts,” which specified that an adult unmarried, divorced, or widowed woman would be turned over to her male guardian.

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It was replaced by a new legal document that said, “An adult woman has the freedom to choose where she lives.” A woman’s guardian can only report her if he has proof that she has committed a crime.”

“If a woman is sentenced to a prison term, she will not be turned over to her guardian after serving her sentence,” the statement continues.

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A new legislative modification in the Kingdom allows an adult and sensible woman to live alone in a separate residence without the approval of her father or male supervision.