Iman Aly, the supermodel, has been condemned after her controversial words equating being a transgender person with being unpleasant and ugly went viral on the internet.

Needless to say, the 40-year-old actress’s ludicrous statement about being unattractive has ruffled the masses’ feathers, with many jumping on board to educate her.

This time, prominent trans actor and model Kami Sid has called Aly out for her inappropriate and insulting words.

Kami Sid came to Instagram stories to comment on the Mah e Mir actress’s storey, expressing her opinions on how the Bol actress needs to reconsider her prejudice towards the trans community.

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“It’s okay to be khusra, hijra, khuwaja sira because we all are our Allah Creation and how we go against it. And don’t you think being khusra as normal as you live your life as women. I still don’t know why people are using these terminologies are derogatory. For God’s sake we all need to change our perspective and mindset about other community and its sentiments.”

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Rabia Anam, a prominent presenter, had previously used strong words to express her message about Iman Aly ‘s inappropriate statements spoken on a public platform.

Aly’s usage of the word ‘khusra’ as a slur, according to Rabia, is extremely insulting.