According to local news outlets, Pakistani cricket captain and star player Babar Azam have proposed to his paternal cousin.

According to reports, the families of the Pakistan skipper and his cousin have decided to marry next year.

The 26-year-old is said to have accepted to marry the daughter of his paternal uncle, however, no other details have been revealed.

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Former Pakistan cricket captain Azhar Ali encouraged Top ODI batsman Babar Azam to marry on Monday. Turning to his Twitter account, Azhar Ali welcomed his large fan base to an entertaining question and answer session, in which he provided some humorous responses and amusing revelations.

Cricket fans were ecstatic when Azhar Ali took time out of his hectic schedule to mingle with the audience.

The former Test captain was asked what advice he would give the current skipper by a user dubbed “BabarAddictor.”

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“Shadi ker lay [Get married],” Ali said, without specifying whether he was kidding or serious, and the response was pretty humorous.