Several members of the Ladi gang abducted three Dhori tribesmen and killed two of them in retaliation for the police assassination of one of their accomplices. After a video of three abducted persons went viral on social media, Prime Minister Imran Khan ordered a cleaning operation against Ladi gang members on Wednesday.

Ramzan, Khairo, and Khadim, three tribesmen who had assisted law enforcement forces in the assassination of their partner Haroon Ladi, were abducted by a squad of Ladi criminals. Ramzan’s nose and arms were cut by the gangsters, who eventually died from his injuries. Khairo was slain, and Ramzan’s nose and limbs were cut by the criminals. Meanwhile, this event occurred in the border military police’s domain (cement factory area).

The cruelty was videotaped, and the video went viral. Khadim has not yet been found. A first information report (FIR) was filed against the group on Wednesday over kidnapping three tribesmen and killing two of them in DG Khan.

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According to authorities, the case named 14 persons, including the boss of the Ladi gang, Khuda Baksh Ladi. The FIR also covered terrorism, abduction, and other sections.

The heinous murders were also brought to the attention of Punjab Chief Minister Usman Buzdar. He also demanded a report from the IGP of Punjab. Buzdar ordered police to apprehend the perpetrators of the barbaric killings of two individuals as soon as possible.

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After the video went viral on social media, Prime Minister Khan promised to bring the dacoits in Dera Ghazi Khan to justice. According to him, the rangers have been given orders to apprehend the criminals and assist the police in whatever way they can.