Arjun Kapoor, a Bollywood star, praised Pakistan for its assistance to India during the second deadly COVID-19 outbreak.

In an interview with Bollywood Hungama, Kapoor said that, regardless of political differences, people should remember to lend a helping hand to those in need.

“You should remember that there was a helping hand in a moment of need [the Covid-19 crisis], and that should be respected in the bigger picture,” the actor said.

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“This is one of the times when feelings have reverberated and people are coming together, putting away boundaries and how the political scene was one or two years ago,” said Arjun Kapoor.

Kapoor also hoped for reconciliation between the two countries at any point in the future. “Today, there are more obstacles; I hope some of them are removed. I can only hope and pray that the gap and void that has been created will dissipate and that we will be able to live in peace,” he concluded.

It’s worth noting that when India ran out of oxygen due to the exponential rise in COVID-19 incidents, Pakistan stepped in to help. The second wave of COVID-19 wreaked havoc on India, killing over two million people.

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Edhi Foundation, one of Pakistan’s largest non-governmental organizations, gave Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi assistance. He had written to the Indian Prime Minister, promising 50 ambulances and an on-the-ground emergency unit for assistance.