After announcing separate parliamentary leaders in Punjab and National Assembly, Jahangir Khan Tareen, previously Prime Minister Imran Khan’s close confidant, formalized the ruling party’s split on Tuesday.

According to reports in the local press, Raja Riaz has been named parliamentary leader of the Jahangir Tareen party in the National Assembly, while Saeed Akbar Nawani will lead the Punjab Assembly.

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The development happened when PTI exiled member Jahangir Tareen hosted a dinner at his home, where he was accompanied by a number of MNAs and MPAs, with Raja Riaz, Tareen’s most vociferous supporter, claiming that the group’s overall membership was close to 40.

Tareen denied claims of creating a forward bloc inside the governing party during a news conference outside a banking court earlier today but accused the Punjab government of “revenge politics” against members of his group.

Tareen reacted to a question by saying, “We were part of the Tehreek e Insaf, we are part of it, and we will continue to be part of it.” “There is no investigation against me pertaining to the sugar scam,” he said, “and the three FIRs filed against me were not submitted in any sugar probe.”

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My followers are standing with me in the face of the Punjab government’s retaliation on loyalists by filing bogus FIRs. Tareen went on to say that he had met with Ali Zafar, a member of the reconciliation committee and that he had given him a thorough explanation. He continued, “I am certain that the report will be provided to the Prime Minister shortly.”

Meanwhile, his bail has been extended till May 31 by a session court. A judge questioned a Federal investigator about Mr. Tareen’s arrest at the court session. The FIA’s investigative officer first remained mute until responding that they are currently evaluating the information.